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Unicorns and other Marketing Milestones



Great marketers are a rare breed. They are unique. What differentiates an everyday marketer from a great marketer is their ability to produce results that defy odds and create a lasting impact.

Great marketers make unicorns—that rare and elusive spirit animal of myth and mystery. In marketing, a unicorn is an inexplicable ad or campaign, you can’t describe, but you will know it once you see it. And once you see it, you will never forget it.

Great marketers are not born from star seeds in faraway galaxies and teleported to Earth to do their magic on unsuspecting clients and products. No, they are everyday guys and gals who are given creative environments to incubate ideas and cultivate ways to express what could, should, and must be said of said client or product. It is not merely money or markets that mold or manifests a unicorn; it is the mindfulness and management of the marketing talent that helps fosters the possibility of the mystical masterpiece.

That, and a great client.

While the client is metaphorically, if not empirically, the rightful parent of the marketing offspring, they are, after all, their product or service’s caretaker who will be under the microscope of public opinion and performance. It is they who provide the foundation for which the ad or campaign will be built. A great client understands this symbiotic relationship and provides the marketers with what they need to succeed: trust, freedom, and resources.

But even with these three foundations in place, greatness is not guaranteed. The fundamental difference between a run-of-the-mill marketer and a great one is their capacity to take risks. That is if the client can allow the expert to create.

In marketing, like parenting, the client and/or product must one day entrust the youngling to a teacher or a coach in order to foster new understandings and methods that will work to shape the individual into its final form. To break the mold, or, well, perhaps the metaphor should end here, but the lessons continue…

By its very nature, creativity means venturing into unexplored territory where there are no maps, only intuition to guide the way. It requires an understanding that mistakes will be made along the journey. Still, these very mistakes may lead to the invention of something new, or the discovery of a previously hidden gem, or maybe even a unicorn!

So if you’re ever feeling lost in your marketing journey, looking for that next milestone, remember that the key to finding your way is to keep moving. If you are the marketer, strive to find the right client; and if you’re the client, strive to find the right marketer. And if you’re ever feeling stuck, it might be time to take a risk and go find a unicorn. After all, the only way to end up with a boring, ordinary marketing campaign is to play it safe.

We believe that greatness cannot be planned or predicted, but it can be nurtured by those who are open to the possibilities. Creativity needs room to breathe and time to grow. Creativity needs a unique space.

This is why we love unicorns. Unicorns embody what it means to be rare, to be special, and to produce results that amaze.

We believe that every marketer and client has the potential to be a unicorn. And so, we created The Fat Unicorn Society, a place to give marketers and clients the space, resources, and support they need to reach their full potential.

The Fat Unicorn Society is a community of creators, influencers, movers, and shakers dedicated to growth without growing up. It is a place where magic can happen.

The Fat Unicorn Society is a digital media agency that helps content creators, influencers, and businesses to level up and create new growth opportunities. We offer various services, including studio space rental, content creation, marketing, and strategic planning.

So what are you waiting for? Come see us at the Fat Unicorn Society today and start leveling up your inner unicorn!

By Philip Gabbard

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